Many small to medium size New Zealand companies that offer high value products and services are operating in an increasingly commoditised market, therefore they need to drive a competitive advantage to remain relevant and viable. However the typical strategic planning approach, while resulting in a well-developed strategic intent, does not necessarily translate in to a well-planned execution of that strategy.

A business may be more than capable of executing a change in strategic direction, but with the pressures of business as usual, may find itself lacking the capacity.

Longitude fills this gap in capacity by actively working from within a company to deliver tools, systems and frameworks to execute business change initiatives while ensuring the long-term capability to deliver on future change is held within the company.

Longitude’s expertise includes

  • Developing strategy implementation plans to grow, expand or diversify
    your business
  • Developing and implementing¬†programme and project governance structures
  • Mobilisation of delivery programmes, including project delivery systems and frameworks
  • Review of existing business process and system frameworks
  • Updating and streamlining of business process and system frameworks

Why use Longitude?

  • Skilled, experienced and practical support designed to deliver
    tangible outcomes
  • Independence and insight
  • Innovative solutions
  • Global experience, local passion
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